The invention of the safety lamp.

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A safety lamp is a lamp (usually an oil lamp) that is relatively safe to use in atmospheres which may contain flammable gas[1].


The Irish physician William Reid Clanny invented[2] the safety lamp in 1813 after trying to find a way to prevent coal-mine explosions caused by miners using flames for illumination in the presence of flammable gases and coal dust. Here is his original illustration[2] of his safety lamp:

[ux_image_box img=”1644″ image_width=”80″ link=”″ target=”_blank”]


Here is a diagram of a section of his safety lamp:

[ux_image_box img=”1645″]


Here is a replica[3] of Clanny’s safety lamp:

[ux_image_box img=”1647″ image_width=”70″ link=”” target=”_blank”]



Here is a portrait[4] of William Reid Clanny:

[ux_image_box img=”1650″ image_width=”50″ link=”” target=”_blank”]



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