Fauzan Khattak

The discovery of glutamic acid

DEFINITION Glutamic acid is a nonessential amino acid with the chemical formula C5H9NO4. It is used principally in the biosynthesis of proteins and an important metabolic intermediate[1]. DISCOVERY The German chemist Karl Heinrich Leopold Ritthausen discovered[2] glutamic acid in 1866 while experimenting on wheat gluten. In his publication[2], he explains the method by which he …

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The discovery of chromatin

DEFINITION Chromatin is the genetic material of the nucleus consisting of deoxyribonucleoprotein that occurs in two forms during the phase between mitotic divisions: as heterochromatin (seen as condensed, readily stainable clumps) and as euchromatin (dispersed, lightly staining or nonstaining material). During mitotic division the chromatin condenses into chromosomes[1]. DISCOVERY The German biologist Walther Flemming discovered[2] …

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