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DEFINITION A wheelbarrow is a small, hand-pushed vehicle with a single wheel and axle between the front ends of two shafts that support a boxlike

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DEFINITION Fibrinogen is a protein in the blood plasma that is essential for the coagulation of blood and is converted to fibrin by the action

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Voltaic pile

DEFINITION The voltaic pile is an early form of primary battery, consisting of alternate pairs of dissimilar metal discs with moistened pads between pairs[1]. It

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DEFINITION A cation is a monoatomic or polyatomic species having one or more elementary charges of the proton[1]. DISCOVERY The English scientist Michael Faraday discovered[2]

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DEFINITION Fibrin is an elastic, insoluble, whitish protein produced by the action of thrombin on fibrinogen and forming an interlacing fibrous network in the coagulation

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DEFINITION The thrombocytus (more commonly known as the platelet/thrombocyte) is a minute, non-nucleated, disc-like cytoplasmic body found in the blood plasma of mammals that is

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